Who Are We

The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. is an independent local Biblical Creation Science and history group seeking to teach that the Bible is completely trustworthy from the very first verse.  We seek to educate believers in the vast scientific evidence available which shows that true science is in complete harmony with the historical accounts in scripture, including a recent creation (thousands not billions), and of a global cataclysm. Science is a servant to knowledge revealed in the Bible, not the other way around. We promote and educate via: monthly meetings, triannual newsletter, sending speakers to invited locations, and having a vision to build a Biblical Worldview for individuals, families, Churches, and our government leadership. Also known as ARKY (getting Absolute Real Knowledge (ARK) and You together) because the Bible is the only known absolute source of knowledge and it is for you.

Statement of Faith
We believe in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. This includes reading narrative sections as historically accurate and not allegories. Specifically we believe the Genesis account of a six day literal creation and the seven day week with a rest day to admire and reflect on the Creator who performed the works, design, and wonder of those six days. We believe that death came as a result of sin, in a global flood, salvation by faith through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Hope of the resurrection to come.  We adhere to the traditional doctrines of the church as stated in Apostles', Nicene and Athanasian creeds.
We believe Biblical Truth first, scientific theory second, especially since science defines itself as always changing. We believe good science flows from an honest understanding of Biblical Truth. And in questionable areas, science a servant of the Bible. We believe God is who He says He is, and are committed to exposing these truths to the general public.
Vision Statement   Our Non-Profit Purposes   The Membership Of The Corporation
Our vision is to strengthen the faith of believers, teaching that the Bible is fully trustworthy from the very first verse, that a true understanding of science is in perfect harmony with the history of the earth, including a recent creation and global flood.
In short we seek to have Biblically based Christian Worldview.
OUR NON-PROFIT PURPOSES as stated in our Articles of Incorporation:
To promote, educate, train, encourage, support and assist all people to understand the institution of the family and its proper role, the importance of the church to past, present and future public good, the need and value of supporting good government, the wonder and design of the creation and the value of that knowledge and the value of a Godly education.
Teach and support a Biblical Worldview, a Christian Worldview in Science, History, and Origins.
shall consist of those individuals who actively support the goals of the Corporation by becoming an active dues paying member of the Corporation; by providing support and/or labor in construction of facilities and/or exhibits of the Corporation; by providing professional skills as needed to the Corporation and by performing other such acts as are beneficial to the good of the Corporation as a whole.
To teach and promote the public good of historical truth from our ancestors and from our Creator God of the design and wonder of a Godly education on family, church, government.