Our worldview is simple, but easily confused if not understood.

  • Our Origin is not from nothing. Nothing + Nothing is not equal to Everything!
  • We are Intelligent, in varying degrees, because people originated perfect and have mutated.
  • All evidence supports the downward trend; The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics confirms it.
  • Intelligence only comes from greater intelligence,
  • Mutated intelligence has happened relatively fast, probably less than 10,000 years.
  • The human population can be shown to develop in less than 6,000 years, including wars and diseases.
  • Therefore we come from someone better than ourselves. We believe that someone is our Creator God.
  • Put in definition form from a Biblical Creation Science and History perspective:
    • About 6,000 years ago the Universe was created by God in 6 evening and morning days.
    • A day is approximately 24 earth standard hours (ESH).
    • A World wide flood occurred about 4400 yrs.
    • The entire earth split into language groups at Babylon about 4300 years ago.
    • The Creator of the Universe kept His promise 2000 yrs ago and redeemed His own.
    • The Creator is coming back as Judge.