What We Do/Done

What We Do

http://arky.org/Founders/index.htm ,
Promote Freedom - http://www.arky.org/Constitution/DOI.htm
Monthly DVDs (http://www.arky.org/current/index.htm ) presentations.
Teach 18 hour Institute on the Constitution classes
Provide Specialty Christian bookstore with over 1600 items in stock specializing in Biblical Creation Science &   History from a Christian perspective and over 50,000 general Christian items available from our suppliers.
Provide selected materials for distribution at cost or free
Offer materials to supporters at 30% off every day and special offers on the site with donations

What We’ve Done

Construction on our facility and paid for its purchase,  http://www.arky.org/museum/boldmove.htm
Thirteen 18 hour Institute on the Constitution classes (link http://www.arky.org/Constitution/IOTC/index.htm )
Sold or gave away thousands of dollars in materials from our bookstore.
Maintaining the last Christian bookstore in Dayton, OH.
Gave consistent public presentations at our building and others on Biblical Creation Science and History every month.
Witness in public and Christian schools on Creation.
Sponsored area wide Seminars, e.g., Answers in Genesis weekend at Nutter Center
Have annual Banquet with prominent Biblical Worldview speakers.

Where are we
2002 S Smithville Rd
Dayton, OH 45420
937-256-2759 (ARKY)

When:Incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) in 1995

To become a promoter of our vision of Freedom in Southwest Ohio as created by God, acknowledged by our founders, proclaimed by the Holy Bible, and possible if supported and known by God’s believers.